martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Mary Read

Hi there Mateys! You make think that this older posts are kind of boring and with the need of more information but, TODAY its going to be different. As you know this is my major assignment post so I will make it a little bit more special. Today I’m going to tell you the… wait for it  MOST awesome pirate adventure ever and I’m not telling this because this story is about a legend known all over the seas. Im going to talk you about a female pirate that personally I would like to have few characteristics that she had. Her name is Mary Read was born in England and raised as a boy so that her widowed mother could get money from her husband's parents.

About the age of 12, Mary served as a "footman" for a Lady. Later she joined the Flemish army and fought as an infantryman. No one knew the soldier was a woman until her heart got the better of her. She fell in love with a fellow soldier, who at first was alarmed at the advances of this "man." She finally revealed herself to be a woman and the soldier became enamored of her. At the end of the conflict, they revealed their secret to their fellow soldiers. The unit gave them a lavish wedding and chipped in to buy them a tavern near Breda, The Netherlands.

Alas, happiness was not to last and Mary’s husband died of an illness soon after. Having nothing better to do with herself, Mary donned her male disguise and went to sea on a ship to the West Indies. As was common in that time pirates captured the vessel and pressed the captured crew into pirate life. Mary apparently took to the life of piracy very well. She was said to "Swear and Shoot as well as any Mann." She fell in love with a sailor — who apparently didn’t return her affections. When the sailor offended another pirate and was challenged to a duel, Mary created an offense with the pirate that also demanded a duel — only she scheduled their face-off a half-hour before her would-be lover’s. Then she promptly killed the man, thus saving her love interest. He was less than grateful.
As luck would have it, the ship Mary boarded belonged to "Calico Jack" Rakam. Aboard this vessel was the only other woman pirate of the Caribbean,Ann Bonny. Bonny, although she was openly living with Calico Jack, was attracted to one of the new crew and made her interests know to the "fellow," who revealed "himself" to be Mary Read. There are some historians who believe there may have been a sexual relationship between the two.

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martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

The King of All the Pirates.

Hi again Matey's! Today Im going to talk about a very important person in history of pirates in fact he is considered The King of the seas his name was Henry Morgan. 

Let get into a little of history In the year 1655 England seized a weakly guarded Spanish Island: Jamaica, and converted it into an English colony. Henry Morgan embarked on a difficult and daring escapade involving a long and dangerous journey through the unexplored jungle. This expedition was followed by a triumphant lightning assault on Gran Granada. The attack yielded enormous spoils, and was considered a great success for Henry Morgan. Henry Morgan was pleasantly surprised upon his return to Jamaica. Then after his Uncle (Edward Morgan) died the governor of Jamaica chose Henry Morgan to become the commander of the militia in Port Royal.

In 1668 Morgan made two pirating ventures. Morgan’s attack on the inland city of Puerto Principe Cuba, was considered his first Major attack.  A year later Morgan led an expedition of 8 ships and 650 buccaneers to attack the Venezuelan cities of Marcaibo and Gilbraltar . Compared with his last venture, the plunder was not comparable, and Morgan found the cities virtually deserted. In January 1670, Morgan set out after the largest venture of his career, to plunder the gold of Panama. Answering his call, 2000 buccaneers on 36 ships assembled to prepare for an attack on Panama. This were the most important adventures that henry had during this life. This gave him the nickname of King and mainly because he didn't obey to any of the King of England orders.

Henry Morgan was one of the most ruthless of pirates, his daring, brutality, and intelligence made him the most feared, and respected buccaneer of all time. Henry Morgan really was the king of all pirates.

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011


   Hi there matey! My name is  Cap'n Lily and this will be a blog mainly about Pirates just because the fact that they history is awesome and I'm interested in giving you the cool perspective about them. Hope you get some new knowledge about history and awesome fights and I hope I get a 100 yes im talking to you Mr. Jordan. ENJOY!

Piracy has as definition the act of robbery or criminal violence at the sea. The people who is engange in this acts are called PIRATES.

The history of piracy dates back more than 3000 years, but its accurate account depends on the actual 

meaning of the word ‘pirate’.
 A meaning was first ascribed to the word piracy sometime before the XVII century. It appears that the word pirate (peirato) was first used in about 140 BC by the Roman historian Polybius.

We can think that the piracy has existed as long as the humans we're transported in boats. But in realilty the first documented instances of piracy are the exploits of the Sea Peoples who threatened the Aegean and Mediterranean in the 13th century BC. So this make us realize that really the pirates started as simply  thiefs but the characteristic that they attacked boats on shores or in the sea defines them. Also they had a very descriptive language between them they used some colloquial language.

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